Declaration on Palestine

We, the Young Social Democrats of Iceland, are very proud to announce that today the Icelandic Parliament approved a resolution about a sovereign and independent Palestine.

We, the Young Social Democrats of Iceland, are very proud to announce that today the Icelandic Parliament approved a resolution about a sovereign and independent Palestine. We sincerely hope that other countries will follow Iceland on this journey.

With this resolution the Icelandic Parliament has recognized Palestine as an independent and sovereign state within the borders of the Six Day War in 1967.

In recent months, the winds of democracy and freedom have been blowing in the Middle East and North Africa. Residents of countries in this area, especially young people and women, have risen up and made reasonable demands for greater human rights, social justice and a caring community. The reforms which are requested include basic core values of each society, i.e. respect for democracy, human rights and equality.

Iceland has for many many years supported  the self-determination and sovereignty of Palestine, highlighting a peaceful resolution of the disputes between the Palestinian and Israeli nations. We consider it essential for the international community to reach an agreement between the parties.

The Icelandic government has always supported that the Palestinian and Israeli dispute will be resolved through negotiations and has supported the peace process aiming at this conclusion. The government has also expressed full support of the existence and security of Israel.


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